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How to Preserve Your Favorite Outdoor Space

It’s the site of family dinners, stunning sunsets, and the annual invasion of the fireflies: Your deck is the respite right outside your door, so keep your favorite space in the best shape for all the seasons to come with some simple maintenance. Here’s how.

Think Inside the Box

Inspect cement flowerpots and planters for cracks, mold, and insect damage at the end of each summer season. Clean with water and a sturdy brush, then follow with a simple mortar-and-sealant treatment to repair any damage.

Take a Seat

Even furniture that’s made for the outdoors gathers dirt and mold as the seasons go on. Before storing your seat cushions and fabrics for the season, vacuum up excess dirt and go after stains with a solution of dish soap and warm water. Keep cushions in a clean, dry place, like a shed, covered in plastic and on an elevated shelf away from groundwater. Tip: Synthetic wicker can remain outdoors, but rattan should be stored.

Trust the Pit Crew

Before sealing up your fire pit as cold weather comes, use a metal brush to clean debris from the spark screen, and sweep away excess dirt and ash. If your pit is made of paver stones, consider a thin stone sealant to protect them from erosion. Finally, cover the pit and surrounding stones with a tarp to keep water from gathering over the year.

Bust Rust

While most aluminum outdoor furniture has been powder coated to keep rust at bay, your regal wrought-iron pieces are susceptible to damage from the elements. Use a wire brush to clear away rust, and finish with a spray paint that’s made for iron.

Seal the Deal

Maintaining the integrity of your deck is essential—and, thanks to innovative, multifunction products, it’s easy. A smart choice for your wood deck: PPG Timeless Stain. It will keep your wood looking its best and protect against water damage, UV wear, and mildew stains. Apply it to a clean deck and allow 24 hours to dry. Tip: Use a high-quality brush or roller, and always back-brush.

Go Under Cover

Keeping a canvas awning clean is no easy task—after all, its purpose is to protect us from the elements. To start, extend the awning and hose it down. Next, using a mild laundry detergent mixed with water, scrub dirty spots gently with a plastic brush. Let the solution set, then rinse again with your garden hose. Leave the awning extended to air dry.


Invest in your outdoor sanctuary for years to come with PPG’s advanced commercial-grade products—developed with technical rigor and expertise to perform under extreme conditions, protect, and beautify.



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