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15 Rustic Beach Rooms

Painted Perfection

Exposed studs frame the painted datura flowers on the ceiling. The ocean blue hue makes a perfect backdrop for white accents such as the English antique tub. The small vanity adds a dainty quality to the space’s whimsical mood.

Rustic Oasis

Pickled wood covers all of the kitchen surfaces. When searching for reclaimed items, don’t feel constrained by their original purpose. Here, an old brass curtain rod is given a new life as a towel bar.

Nestled Nook

Small nooks, such as the lounge area and library, make the most of tricky angles in the attic-like master bedroom. Found objects displayed throughout the room give a sense of history to the room. Instead of framing artwork, prop it against walls or shelving for a relaxed point of interest.

Understated Mod

Honey-hued cedar board walls give a vintage touch to the contemporary furnishings. For a non-traditional approach to rustic interiors, go for pieces with mod shapes and clean lines. Houseplants and flowers soften the look and bring freshness to the space.

Tree House

The vast windows allow the outside foliage to act as the main design element in the space. Choose pieces that will interact with the outdoors, such as the large painted driftwood and built-in sofas. The color palette mimics nature’s surroundings by playing up the colors of the sky and vegetation.

Accessorized Style

Never underestimate the power of accessorizing. Add one or two unexpected objects, such as the French wood scrollwork on the coffee table and the large shell-encrusted pillow with heavy embroidery. Pile on your favorite trinkets, and then edit, making sure to vary height, size, and scale.

Easy Breezy Style

Vintage pieces don’t have to look like tired flea market finds. Spruce up older pieces by reupholstering in a lively print such as this nautical stripe. Painted floors punch up a room for a fraction of the cost of rugs and are ideal in low-traffic areas like sleeping porches.

Nod to Mod

Wooden homes aren’t just for cabins in the mountains. Instead of stripping and sanding the wood, lacquer walls for a sheen that can pop against statement-making furniture. A blue-and-white color scheme is ideal, giving a sense of location and maintaining the beach-house feel.

Bold and Bright

Rustic decor doesn’t have to be understated. Start with a neutral foundation, such as these wood accents, and the sky’s the limit with fabric and trimmings. Bold geometric prints in aqua and orange give personality and panache to the room’s blank canvas.

Salvaged Sanctuary

Avoid rushing to decorate a space. Instead, collect pieces over time. Salvaged items, such as the twig table and chaise, create an authenticity that is difficult to replicate with new pieces straight from a manufacturer. Paint colors and accent fabrics mimic the festive rug and unify the room.

Aging Beautifully

Re-create an antique look in any room in your home without an expensive overhaul by hanging black-and-white and sepia-tone photographs. Salvaged frames in various widths and texture add an authentic feel to the aged pictures. Steer clear of painting antiques—the patina on this iron bench feels right at home beside the collage of frames.

Countryside Chic

Exposed framing give this room structure without losing softness. Sliding glass doors echo the wall’s windowpane pattern, giving the room balance and harmony. Mismatched metal gate doors create unique headboards in keeping with the aged vibe of the room.

Airy Abode

Pine plank floors and exposed framing pay homage to Early American architecture. Mosquito nets fashioned from overhead beams create the look of a four-poster bed while allowing the drama of the ceiling to speak for itself. Weathered wooden pieces, such as the large pine chest and tree trunk coat rack, enhance the rustic theme.

Cottage Charm

The charm of this rooms lies in the lines. Varying colors of paint make each wooden element pop. Choose complementary colors—such as creams and yellows and purples and blues—to enhance, not compete with, one another.

Laid-Back Luxury

Spanish influences give this room an über-rustic feel. Mixing various chairs and benches as seating give a room depth and a sense of layering—a must for achieving the laid-back look. Stucco is the perfect wall treatment to go along with this space; the wall texture holds up to the heavy furnishings without fading away.

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