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Product Care

- Wood is a natural material and requires special care, notably when exposed to weather. It may present variations of color and touch, every piece is unique.

- Do not place indoor furniture in direct sunlight or a damp area.

- Watch out of placing your furniture in front of air conditioning vents or over heating areas.

- Avoid placing hot surfaces directly over the wood, it may stain, burn or damage the wood and its finish.

- Sharp objects may damage soft wood parts.

- To move your furniture, please lift it from the floor. Dragging them will damage the finishing and the structure, legs, and side parts may get broken.

- If you will write over your furniture, protect it. Pen/Pencil pressure may create marks on the wood surface.

- Clean your furniture with a soft, clean & dry cloth.

- Indoor collections may use an appropriate furniture polish.

- Specific products finished with wax should be polished with appropriated wax.

- If you need to use some water to clean your product, use very little of it. Water may damage the wood seriously or create cracks.

- Water left over a prolonged period of time will cause white spots in the finish.

- Alcohol, perfume and other medicines can cause severe damage to the finish.

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