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Return Policy

Return Policy

 A) Received a Damage Box

- We do a very well protected package to your brand new furniture. But, if the package arrives damaged (dented, open boxes, crushed, etc.), note it to the delivery person and immediately send an e-mail to informing what happened and add some pictures of the box for our evaluation.

- Please, Do NOT OPEN delivered damaged boxes before our Evaluation. Otherwise, you will lose our warranty. We will inform you if it is secure to open your product.

- If we decide to exchange your product, we will send you a new box and will collect the first one.

 B) Return of an unopened Box

- You can return an unopened product contacting, but this procedure will involve restocking fees(20%) and shipping costs.

- These procedures are only applicable over BHD Imports exclusive collections, It does not apply to third-party products.

 C) Manufacturer Defect

- Any claim for defective merchandise must be open within 5 days from the date of receiving the order. After 5 days, there is no service agreement.

- To open a claim, contact us by e-mail at and informative details about your issue. It is required to send pictures clearly showing the defect or damage and the copy of your invoice.

- BHD Imports will determine what are the causes and will decide if will replace the full item or only will send a spare part to be replaced.

- You have to keep all packing materials to be eligible for a replacement/return.

 D) Mistake Delivery

- If you receive a different item of what you have purchased, please contact us by e-mail at and fill for a return/exchange.

- But, if you liked the item delivered and want to keep it, just let us know and we will send the item originally ordered with a special offer.


Return Policy - Accent Pieces

- BHD only accept returns of Accent pieces like pillows, throws and mats if the merchandise has a manufacturing defects. Otherwise the it is a final sale.

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