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30 Ways to Decorate Your Porch This Summer

Paint the Furniture

Unifying a ragtag patio set is as easy as grabbing a bucket of paint. For a Florida home's oceanfront porch, decorator Tammy Connor coated the antique sofa and assorted chairs in a matching cloudy blue.

Sprinkle Small Accessories

If your collection of knickknacks is outgrowing the living room, bring them outside. On the screened porch of a tiny Charleston house, a mix of colorful pillows top the vintage furniture and revamped candlesticks serve as lamps. A bevy of mismatched side tables adds to the fun.

Pile on Pillows

Don't skimp on comfort — your guests will thank you. At her Palm Beach house, Liza Pulitzer Calhoun simply covered the swinging daybed with a favorite tablecloth and added a whopping ten pillows for an extra-cozy nook.

Mix Materials

Decorating on a budget can ultimately add to a space's appeal. Just ask designer Libby Cameron, who outfitted her seaside Maine cottage "on a shoestring." She reused original furniture and mixed materials like wood, wicker, and rattan. "When you're decorating, remember that you don't have to do it all at once," she explains. "And above all, do not make the mistake of thinking that everything has to be perfect. Sometimes, when you try to make something too perfect, it loses its charm."

Go Bold

If you don't have the nerve to use a favorite pattern indoors, bring it outside instead. A Florida home's porch features chairs in an eye-catching botanical — "a wonderful old pattern that Elsie de Wolfe used in the 1940s," designer Todd Romano explains.

Take It Dark

In addition to traditional haint blue, a porch overhang can handle a strong color. A ceiling painted in Benjamin Moore Aura's Black Knight makes for a handsome addition to this Nashville house.

Color the Trim

If a black ceiling is too bold, turn to the moldings for a safer pop of color. On the veranda of Amanda Lindroth's Bahamas house, the shutters and railings are painted Southfield Green by Benjamin Moore.

Add a Bar

Mixing up a summer cocktail outdoors sounds absolutely heavenly, so store the supplies right at hand. At a Nantucket boathouse, the stocked barcart brings the seaside style outside. "Imagine sitting out on the deck with a vodka tonic in the golden afternoon light," says designer Gary McBournie. "You'll fall in love with the place."

Play With Color

For a seasonal makeover, just swap out the porch pillows for a brighter variety. Designer Sally Markham loves how the fix turned out for a screened porch in South Carolina: "The client urged me to use brighter colors than I normally would have, and I'm glad she did. They add excitement."

Grow a Canopy

Turn to Mother Nature for a truly fantastical awning. Climbing vines and exposed beams create an enchanting setting for a Spanish Colonial Revival's outdoor space.

Add Hardy Furniture

For relaxation that'll last all summer long, opt for hefty pieces that can withstand the weather. At his Nantucket home, designer Gary McBournie had lamps made from wire baskets stuffed with oyster shells (that way they'll stay put during storms), and the furniture upholstered with all-weather fabric.

Match Your Textiles

Tablescapes don't get easier than this. On the porch of a historic Cape Cod estate, designer Kathryn M. Ireland used her Kirkbean linen for both the tablecloth and pillows.

Compare and Contrast

Complementary shades can feel fresh — not jarring — when done correctly. A cool palette on this vacation house's enclosed front porch keeps the Florida heat at bay. For crisp contrast, Louis XVI-style chairs are covered in bright coral Ultra­suede, and the walls are painted in Benjamin Moore's Sweet Celadon.

Copy Indoor Pieces

For a smooth transition from indoors to out, just reuse some favorite furniture. At this Long Island beach house, the living room lounge chairs reappear on the covered porch, but in a lighter finish.

Up Your Upholstery

Dream big and your porch could be the family's new favorite space. Cathy Kincaid designed the patio of a French country home with comfy upholstered furniture and cozy terracotta pavers. "It's durable and so pretty you could use it in a living room," she says.

Frame the View

But before you move the furniture, keep in mind the best spot in the house. In this outdoor room, "everything is meant to be a backdrop for the view," explains designer Fern Santini. "You can see the entire Austin skyline, and a chain of lakes."

Shake Things Up

Achieve a five-second makeover by simply moving things around. Gary McBournie dressed down the loggia of a European-style home by placing the furniture at random angles.

Go Monochrome

Avoid second-guessing and just stick to one swatch for surprisingly pretty results. This sunporch features walls, ceilings, and floors all painted Benjamin Moore's Atrium White.

Embrace Tradition

Keep it simple and just push a pair of sofas together. A classic wicker duo suits this breezy porch, which is just off this home's living room.

Open New Doors

Ditch exterior walls altogether for the sunniest hangout imaginable. Photographer and owner Amy Neunsinger installed two pairs of double glass doors at her house to create an indoor-outdoor flow. "The room really feels more like a patio," she says.

Upgrade Antiques

Design consultant Ellen O'Neill found this wicker chair — for the porch of her Long Island cottage— for $3 at a yard sale. Wet towels and bathing suits get tossed into the vintage barrel.

Consider Skylights

To provide more sunshine on gray days, designer Tom Scheerer opened up a porch in Maine by installing skylights.

Go Stain-Proof

For the porch of a seaside New York home, designer Robin Bell choose fabric that is "lemonade — and sangria — proof." Because who wants to clean up a mess after a relaxing afternoon?

Paint the Ceiling

Designer Paula Perlin and architect Mark Ferguson created this idyllic blue porch for a Martha's Vineyard home. The sky blue ceiling — Morning Glory by Benjamin Moore — makes for an unexpected, soothing touch.

Blend in Nature

For a beach house in Southampton, New York, designers Kim Coleman and Michele Green created a cohesive porch by using the same color cushions on different style chairs. The green color blends in with the dune grass and helps create a seamless transition to the outdoors. It's "the perfect spot for a gin and tonic," Coleman says.

Combine Styles

Designer Barbara Westbrook mixed a modern coffee table with traditional wicker sofas on the porch of this South Carolina lake house. Filtered light coming through the screens shows off distressed oak hardwood floors.

Mix 'n Match Sets

Dining chairs don't have to be part of a matching set. To accompany the table of this Napa Valley screened porch, designer Ken Fulk pulled up chairs salvaged from a French park and tractor-seat stools.

Stain the Floor

Architect Gil Schafer screened in this Connecticut lake cottage's open porch. Color expert Eve Ashcraft chose Narragansett Green for the porch floor from Benjamin Moore. The gleaming shade makes the floor look almost like water.

Add Curtains

To provide shade from the sun on hot days, install curtains on your porch. The cream-colored ones that designer Ty Larkins chose for his Louisiana home add an elegant touch.

Hang a Mirror

This mirror makes the porch of a Florida home by designers Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt feel more like an actual room. An added benefit? "At night it reflects the candlelight so beautifully," Coleman says.


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