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18 Incredible Handmade Reclaimed Wood Decor Ideas

The decor of your home is never complete and you should always be on the lookout for new things to use to spice it up a bit. But you don’t have to look for decorations in the stores. There’s a far better place to do it – the Internet! It is a much better idea to look for ideas that you can try to craft by yourself because this way you will save some money. But saving money is just one advantage of making your own decor elements. The more important aspects of crafting are learning a new and important skill as well as creating something truly unique that will express your creativity and use it to enhance your home.

Reclaimed wood wall art

Reclaimed Wood Art

Reclaimed Wood Sign

Reclaimed Wood Candle Holders

Rustic reclaimed wood heart

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art – Mountain Landscape

Unique Wood Wall Clock

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Mountain Scene

Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray 

Wave Rainbow Reclaimed Wood Heart

White Birch Painting

AM/PM Wine sign

Bath Tray – Handmade Reclaimed Wood Decor

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Clock

Reclaimed Wood Shelf

Two Tiered Triangle Shelf

Rustic Coat Rack


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